Everything seems so overwhelming. Every day is so hard and every little thing that needs to get done squeezes every ounce of energy out of you.  You wish you could just crawl somewhere and freeze in time and space, but you may have a job, kids to take care of, and bills to pay. Getting a break from life is just not possible. It feels like you are moving in this universe where everything is heavy and pointless. You may even wonder what your life’s purpose is and if it is worth living.

You wish there was something to make you feel better. You wish you could get back to your hobbies and have enough energy to take your kids places and spend time with your friends and family. If only things felt a little lighter, a little easier.  If only you could find some satisfaction in your job again.


You struggled enough!


With the right strategies and interventions,  finding relief from depression is possible. Together we will explore the root causes of your depression and we will create a personalized treatment plan to address all the factors that are contributing to your depression.  You can enjoy all the things you used to do again.  Contact me today and let’s talk. It doesn’t have to be this hard. Give yourself permission to invest in your emotional well-being.  You are worth it.


Woman sitting on the beach by the ocean, visibly upset, head down on her knees, obviously worried and upset.