You just spent last night arguing over the same stuff for the millionth time. Of course, with no resolution. No matter how hard you try, it never seems good enough, and somehow it’s always your fault! At this point, you are beyond frustrated and angry, and you are not even sure what the problem is anymore. You wonder how you got here. You woke up one morning to discover a totally different person next to you. You seem to never be able to agree on anything anymore. It feels like you are slowly drifting apart and your future together is so uncertain.

If only you could find some middle ground somehow. You feel so misunderstood and hurt and you wish they would just listen… and see how much you want to make it work. You want to at least be able to have a conversation without screaming at each other. You want to feel that your arguments have a resolution instead of spinning in circles.


There is another way to resolve conflict!

Together we can explore your triggers, discuss those hot topics, and learn healthy ways to communicate. I can help you find a way to resolve your disagreements. Even if we agree to disagree, together we can create the space where each of you feels seen, heard and understood while maintaining the integrity of your relationship.


You struggled enough. Contact me today!




Couple sitting down next to each other on the beach seeming distant from one another or as if they had an argument.