You are so excited! You figured out most details of your wedding day and you can’t wait for your dream honeymoon! As the big day approaches, you start wondering if this is really what you want. You are starting to have doubts and worry about how things will play out. How will you manage your finances together? How will you spend your family holidays? What traditions will you adopt? How will you raise your children? Children?? Do you want to have children? You’ve never even talked about children before! So many marriages end up in divorce. Will you be one of them?

Be proactive and have those difficult conversations now!

All couples have disagreements, however, the success of your marriage relies on how well you, as a couple, can handle those disagreements without hurting your relationship with each other.

I can help! As a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, I can be your guide through those difficult conversations about finances, parenting, in-laws, faith and religion, and other “hot topics”. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing the state of your relationship health!

Here is how the program works:

You and your partner will take an online assessment, separate from each other, in the comfort of your home at your leisure. After both of you have completed the assessment, we will meet for 6 to 8 feedback sessions. You will get an accurate map of your relationship with graphs, charts, and all which will tell you where your relationship is doing great and where it needs improvement. During our feedback sessions, we will work directly on improving the areas that need work.

The Prepare/Enrich Program has years of research behind it and was proved to be very effective with couples around the world. The program takes into consideration factors like your spiritual beliefs, family and cultural background, personality traits, and many, many more. For more information about the program go to or contact me directly.


You don’t have to take the Prepare/Enrich assessment if you don’t want to! 

We can simply address your concerns regarding your big step in a regular session setting! The choice is yours.


Contact me to get a relationship checkup today! Don’t leave your happiness to chance!


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