Your world came crashing down when you discovered your partner’s affair. How can this be? How can they do this to you? You obsess over details of when and how, you search the internet for the other one. The life you knew simply doesn’t exist anymore and so much is at stake should you break up: your kids, your house, and maybe your financial stability. You love this person but the pain is simply excruciating. You are questioning your entire relationship. Was it all just a lie? And why is this happening to you? You feel stuck in this place of obsession, pain, and uncertainty. 

Maybe you want to work at this and move on. Perhaps you want to go separate ways. Maybe you don’t know what you want anymore; the trust and safety are gone. It makes you question not only this person and this relationship but also yourself.  It feels as if the ground just shifted underneath your feet. You feel so broken and confused. 


Healing might take some time but is possible! Together we can get to a place of relief and certainty again!


Whether you want to work on this together, as a couple, or by yourself, I can walk with you through this painful part of your journey.  I can help you sort through your feelings, wants, and needs and support you in setting new goals for yourself and your relationship. 

Don’t go through this alone. Let’s talk! 


In-love couple, female's head leaning against male's shoulder, sitting on a bench in the park, with a phone picturing a broken heart in the forefront.