Family therapy can be the approach you need to resolve relationship issues with family members such as your mother, your father, your adult children, and your in-laws.


You have come to the right place …


…if you feel lonely and isolated from family members

You dread meeting with them because of too much conflict or uncomfortable interactions

You dread the holiday season

Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day… are painful to go through

Birthdays and family gatherings are difficult to navigate

Parenting has turned into a huge ordeal and you are feeling like you are failing at your most important job

Things are tense and heavy around the house

You are not talking to each other.


In this approach, we take a close look at what the issues are, what is the nature of your interaction with each other,  and what maintains the problem, and look at ways to alleviate the tension, resolve the conflicts, and work towards nurturing a mutually satisfying relationship. Old wounds, unmet needs, unresolved grudges, lack of communication, and misunderstandings can bring great pain. Together we can change that!


Who has to attend family therapy?

All, two, a few or one single member can attend family therapy depending on who wants things changed and therapy goals.

Let’s have a conversation and I can help you decide what family members to invite for family therapy. But to start, just come by yourself!



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