Support group for teachers with an emphasis on self-care

Dear teacher, Is this you at 5:15 pm on a school day?

If you are a teacher feeling stressed, overwhelmed, on the brink of burnout, this group may be for you. If you go home after school, eat dinner and spend the rest of the evening on your couch until bedtime because you are too exhausted to pursue personal interests, let’s connect for a brief conversation and see how this group can help you. If you live your life waiting for weekends and holidays, taking school work home, and feel that your personal life and your family relationships suffer because of your teaching career, this may be the change you are looking for. This group aims to provide a safe space to express how you feel, help you explore self-care needs, give and receive support while learning valuable self-care skills. Reach out to schedule a brief one-on-one conversation and see if this group is a good fit for you.¬†

The group runs at a reduced rate of $15 per session for a limited time. It is conducted online via a secure platform. Call or email for more information.

If you are a teacher and feel that you would benefit more from individual therapy, we offer a reduced rate for teachers and can provide a superbill if you want to submit that to your insurance company.