“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” — Henry Winkler



My approach to family therapy understands problems and symptoms in the context of family relationship dynamics and considers the systems in which a family or individual functions, contexts such as workplace, cultural background, spiritual beliefs systems, and other factors. What I like about family therapy is that it is non-pathologizing. While families typically bring one person in that “is” or “has” the problem, in family therapy, we look at those dynamics that create and maintain the undesirable symptoms and at each family member’s influence. Nobody gets the blame or the label, and everybody participates in the solution. It is a very empowering approach and sometimes it is possible that one single member can change the whole family system. Therefore, the entire family is not always required to be in attendance.

I recommend family therapy for situations where families struggle with parenting, behavior, and academic issues of children and adolescents, stressors that cause a strain in your relationship with your significant other, siblings conflict, extended family conflict, etc.

If you are not sure whether you need individual, family, or couples therapy, don’t worry. Let’s talk about it, and we’ll figure it out together.


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Dad with two little girls obviously enjoying fun family time with dad sitting on the grass rolled on one side, while one of the little girls climbed on top of him, while the other little girl laughs rolled in the grass next to her dad.