We are offering services for children 5yo+  and adolescents to address the following issues:


panic attacks

low self-esteem, and self-confidence



anger issues, irritability

grief and loss

life transitions

A parent or legal guardian is required to attend the first appointment with the minor client. This is important because we will explore present problems and symptoms and develop a therapy plan which may include a combination of individual therapy and family therapy.

When working with children, we employ a variety of expressive arts strategies to accommodate individual preferences for self-expression. Children may find it easier to express their thoughts and feeling through play, drawing, coloring, and other experiential approaches as well as talking and storytelling.

We can help children gain understanding and insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, learn healthy coping skills, learn assertive communication skills, process difficult experiences, and heal from traumatic losses and events. At the same time, we can support parents navigate family stressors and support their children in coping with the issues mentioned above.


Children's therapy office picturing a couch with pillows and toys.

Child therapy materials picturing art supplies, toys and a comfy bean bag chair.